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MAITHANA’S CHICKEN – دجاجة ميثانة


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Maithana, an old lonely woman, wishes to have a daughter who would entertain her and help her around the house. She feels her wish is too farfetched and prays to nurture and care for a chicken instead, until one day a chicken knocks her door and enters her life. Maithana is overjoyed and raises her chicken like her own child until it grows older. The chicken then starts to misbehave and upsets Maithana leading her to shout at it. With time, Maithana realizes that this chicken is not an ordinary chicken but dismisses these realizations even after the townspeople confirmed that they heard the chicken speak. Maithana ignores all these remarks until one day the wali visits Maithana to ask for her chicken’s hand in marriage for his son. Maithana’s Chicken is a fairy tale set in the heart of the Emirati culture about hope and optimistic outcomes fused with eccentricity and imagination.

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Abdulaziz Al Musallam

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