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I HAVE AN APPOINMENT – عنْدي موْعدٌ


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Rasheed is anxious about his upcoming visit to the doctor. He keeps wondering what the doctor would look like and what he would do to him. He imagines the doctor to have thick glasses, wear a white coat, have large hands and smell like cough syrup. He also learns that he will receive a vaccination and worries about the pain which would result due to it. He spends his day at school in anxiety and decides to tell his mother that he wishes not to go to the appointment anymore. His mother calms him down and takes him to see Dr. Fadi, who turns out to be a very friendly doctor. I Have an Appointment depicts a common scenario that kids deal with anxiously and provides an alternative positive side to help children overcome their fears for the greater good.

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Fatima Sharafeddine

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